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Embracing local experiences allows for a deeper connection to the community and its culture, fostering a sense of authenticity and supporting sustainable development in the region.

Winter lake
Motor Boat in Sea

Arctic Adventures with a Cultural Twist

Welcome to Back of the Earth Adventures, your gateway to an authentic and sustainable Arctic experience in Sachs Harbour, Banks Island, Northwest Territories. As the first Inuvialuit guiding company for the thirty-year-old Aulavik National Park (ANP), our mission is to immerse you in the region's natural and cultural heritage while supporting the local community and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Our owner, Manny, has been a professional guide since 1993, specializing in one-on-one sports hunts for muskoxen and polar bears. In 2007, he transitioned to ecotourism, completing all federal training. However, the recession of 2008 and the subsequent decline in visitors to ANP put those plans on hold. The discovery of the perfectly preserved HMS Investigator in Mercy Bay in 2015, along with the effects of climate change, have opened up new opportunities for our coastal tours and the local economy.

Back of the Earth Adventures offers not only guided tours of ANP but also large cargo transport services for residents of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. Our commitment to the community is deeply rooted in everything we do.

We understand the importance of providing visitors with a positive experience, as one bad trip can impact an entire industry. Our carefully crafted coastal tours coincide with the migration of millions of birds and the arrival of early ocean species, offering a vivid and unforgettable impression of the Western Arctic.

Join us at Back of the Earth Adventures for a truly unique and unforgettable journey that combines adventure, cultural exchange, and sustainable exploration. Let us show you the vibrant, authentic side of the Arctic, and create lasting memories in the heart of Banks Island.


Empowering Scientists and Policy Makers in the Far North

Back of the Earth Adventures is committed to supporting scientific research and green policy development in partnership with the Government of Canada. Our expert guide, Manny, offers invaluable local knowledge, making us an ideal partner for researchers and government institutions studying the Arctic's changing environment. By chartering our eco-friendly services, research teams, including those supported by the Government of Canada, gain safe access to remote Arctic landscapes and valuable insights into the region's ecosystems. Our strong connections with the local Inuvialuit community enable cultural exchange and ensure their voices are considered in policy-making. Through facilitating research efforts, logistical support, and promoting ecological resilience, Back of the Earth Adventures plays an active role in advancing environmental conservation and sustainable development in the Arctic.

Environmental Scientist

Passionate Inuvialuit guide


Manny A. Kudlak

Manny, a seasoned Inuvialuit guide with over two decades of experience, expertly navigates the Arctic landscape while fostering cultural exchange and promoting eco-friendly practices through Back of the Earth Adventures.

Sachs Harbour, NWT

Sachs Harbour, a remote and picturesque settlement located on Banks Island in the Northwest Territories, is a hidden gem of the Canadian Arctic. Home to a tight-knit Inuvialuit community, Sachs Harbour offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience traditional Inuit culture and explore the region's breathtaking natural beauty. Situated in the heart of the Western Arctic, Sachs Harbour serves as a gateway to the vast and pristine landscapes of Aulavik National Park, the nesting grounds of lesser snow geese, and the site of the historic HMS Investigator shipwreck. Despite its isolation, Sachs Harbour is a vibrant community that cherishes its traditions and welcomes visitors to partake in their rich cultural heritage. As the effects of climate change continue to transform the Arctic, Sachs Harbour plays a vital role in connecting researchers, government institutions, and eco-conscious tourists with the region's unique challenges and opportunities.

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